Child Psychologist

Your search for the best child psychologist in Abu Dhabi has come to an end

With children the world over facing the same kinds of problems, it should come as no surprise that many kids require some kind of psychological evaluation or treatment. Whether it is an issue such as bullying at school, difficulty in relationships with peers, or even a lack of self-esteem, there are many issues children may encounter early in life. For parents, knowing how to approach the subject of mental health with their child can be difficult. The good news is that Son Rise offers a variety of services that can help parents to address any issue they may have and help their child get the help they need.

Son Rise is a leading developmental and behavioral center in Abu Dhabi. We offer comprehensive, evidence-based treatment to children and young adults with a wide range of needs. Our therapists are highly trained professionals who work closely with parents and caregivers to provide tailored interventions that meet your child’s specific needs.

Your kid’s well-being is a priority for our child psychologists in Abu Dhabi

We know how difficult it can be when your child is struggling emotionally or behaviorally, which is why we want to help them achieve their highest level of well being possible. We offer tailored interventions that include individual work with your child based on his/her needs as well as counseling for parents on parenting tips while managing the child’s environment surrounding him/her.


Our number one priority is to help children reach their highest level of functioning by providing them with the best possible care. We are committed to helping families find solutions so they can enjoy life together again. Our psychologists, who are considered amongst the best child psychologists in Abu Dhabi are focused on making it possible for your family to achieve a higher level of well being and functioning by providing expert advice, support and guidance.

You do not need to struggle all alone – reach out to our psychologists in Abu Dhabi

You can reach out to us anytime, day or night, and we’ll be there when you need us most. Our team is comprised on the best child psychologists in Abu Dhabi with extensive qualifications and experience to their credit. We are here to make sure that no one has to go through it alone when they’re struggling with their child’s mental health or developmental issues. We want every family in our community to have access to the resources they deserve so they can live happier lives together.

Do you have a child struggling with behavioral issues?

Son Rise is a trusted center in Abu Dhabi for children and young adults with special needs. We offer evidence-based treatment that’s tailored to each individual patient. Our highly trained professionals work closely with parents and caregivers to provide interventions that meet your child’s specific needs.

You can rest easy knowing we will be there every step of the way as your family navigates through this difficult time together. With the help of the best psychologists in Abu Dhabi, you can give your child the best possible chance at success in school and life!

Our child psychologists in Abu Dhabi are here to support you

You can trust our psychologists in Abu Dhabi to help your family get through this difficult time together. We understand how important it is for you to find the right care for your loved one, which is why we take great pride in providing personalized services that fit around your schedule so you don’t miss out on any precious moments together.

You don’t need to feel alone in this journey – we are here for you every step of the way! If you would like to learn more about how we can help your child overcome their struggles or if you just want some advice on how best to handle certain situations at home please give us a call today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!