Our Team

Thana Rabi

Thana is a 4-year-experienced therapist with a demonstrated history of working in the primary/secondary education industry.

She is skilled in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Disabilities, Behavior Analysis, Interventions, and Applications of ABA for speech therapy and life skills.

Thana is experienced in working with kids on the Autism syndrome from severe to high functioning.

She is also experienced in the case of management from assessing and creating behavioral and academic plans to evaluating interventions and maintaining skills.

Thana works with kids with different cognitive delays on the different areas of child development
(speech and communication skills, social skills, self- help, health and safety skills, community skills)

She offers home therapy for individuals with a minimal intolerance to different environments.

She helps in developing community and enhancing safety skills for individuals with difficulties tolerating social environments.

Thana works with all ages from 2 years to adulthood including all settings: home, schools, center based sessions as well as community.

English / Arabic