Our Team

Shugufta Rafi


Shugufta is a graduate of the Middlesex University, Dubai, majoring in Counselling Psychology (Honours). She is also the current member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). She is well trained in implementing the principles of ABA on children with varied diagnosis ranging from Autism spectrum disorder, Attention- deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning difficulties and Speech delays. Further, when it comes to ASD, she has worked with almost all age brackets with varied Autism spectrum and was successful in tailoring the programmes based on the individual’s needs.
Additionally, she is equipped with the necessary skills such as managing and reviewing behavioural interventions and treatment plans, along with documenting the client’s monthly progress reports and maintaining healthy communication with the parents. In addition, she is experienced in helping the child in being as functional as possible by providing necessary modulation within different settings including home, community and school.
This is achieved by teaching the direct caregivers the intervention for the target healthy response in order to ease everyday living. She has a background of working successfully with ethnically diverse patients. Supplementary to the broadening practical experience, she was also invited to present her Academic research in the Male Psychology Conference, 2018 held at the University College London. UK