Our Team

Dahlia Dalbah

Dahlia has 4 years of experience working with wide range of ages, starting early intervention to Adulthood. Working as ABA therapist in different settings: one-on-one, group, Transition and Inclusion school sessions.
She is skilled in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavior Analysis, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Speech Delays, Development Disabilities and Behavior Analysis.
Dahlia is experienced in working with kids under Autism Spectrum at a wide age range, worked with severe, mild and high functioning as well. Also experienced in schools Transitioning and Inclusion settings for kids with Autism.

She is also experienced in assessing and Writing IEP (Academic Plan), Applying assessment roles, customizing a treatment plan, writing Progress Reports, to increase and maintain learning skills.
Dahlia works on using intervention techniques to help people with mental disorders engage in healthy response behavior, developing student’s Social interaction and Academic skills, Communication skills (verbal and Nonverbal) and speech difficulties, self-help, health and safety, and behavioral skills depending on the needs and issues.